Andrew Weathers stops by to talk about his label Full Spectrum and his possible involvment in the 1943 Littlefield, TX unsolved murder case. Plus tapes!!

Drafting - Everything is Coming Up (Candlepin)
PBK & C Reider - Controlled Flight Into Terraine (PBKsound)
-otron - Drift (self released)
Chaperone - We All Walked Back To The Car (Moon Villain)
La Roche - Liye Liye (Nyege Nyege)
Yassine Ould Nana - Happy Near Years from Sahel Sounds (Sahel Sounds)
Vitalis/Computer - Tower of Glass (Drongo Tapes)
SW1n-Hunter - Trust (Tribe Tapes)
CC Sorensen - Twin Mirror (Full Spectrum)
Maya Weeks - Tethers (Full Spectrum)
Aaron Oppenheim - Labor/Leisure (Full Spectrum)