Maxwell Allison from Hausu Mountain stops by to celebrate 10 years of running the label. Plus tapes!

SMOLYYAAN DRIPP - Derty Islo (Sara Laughs)
Daedelus - Where The Day Takes 2 (Dome of Doom)
Snake Eggs - Ceremony I, the cowering (Stress Carrier)
E+RO=3 - With Or Without Your Blessings (Bonding Tapes)
Ted Reichman - Dread Sea (Tripticks Tapes)
Cole Pulice & Nat Harvie - Strawberry Roan (Aural Canyon)
Radiator Greys - Denying the Other (Hausu Mountain)
Piper Spray - Krolorog (Hausu Mountain)
Black Hat - Impossible World (Hausu Mountain)
Wobbly - Popular Monitress (Hausu Mountain)