Viiofix / Viimeinen – split

8.30.22 by Jacob DeRaadt

Viimeinen side: Creaking loops of ominous discord surge through tunnels underground, granting no access to inner portals of clanging mists. Tape loops corroding in bogs of metal scrapyards that echo off time, these forlorn gusts respond to the clanking metallic objects at the edge of perception. Again, more corrosion into inner memory as another fiercer grinding loops takes the forefront. Strange beasts and insects begin making their howls and night chirps into the mix, fading into the night….

A sound resounds in the tomb, hauling off slowly down septic corridors into dark spaces of deadly resonance. This simple loop builds in power, intensity and volume. Working it’s way to climax. Rustic shards of Ferris oxide releasing slowly into buildups on tape heads, gray soup with what sounds like a very loud engine sound or metal trash cans with a lot of rocks being rolled around a cement room, someone racking the lawn while some mows the lawn. A power washer going off at different intervals with a gas powered generator, or all of these things, then dissolution back into the original loop.  

Viiofix side: More oppressive seething industrial churn through oxide strain. Parts of this wouldn’t be out of place on an early Broken Flag compilation. Filth is in the forefront of textural throb. Humming ambience towards the end of the track is frozen in time, gaining momentum back up and a delayed ghost layering effect that feels like too much sunlight all at once, a blinding light that paralyzes the vision, or in this case, the ear.  

Excellent split tape.