Episode #186


hyphyskazerbox – Manic In Your House (Suite 309)
Mid-Air! – MP3 From Space (100% Bootleg Cassette Tape Company)
L0-Tek Larry – 500 Beats (100% Bootleg Cassette Tape Company)
Cocaine Apartments – s/t (Moon Myst Music)
Erang – Prisonnier du rêve (Dungeons Deep)
Sungod – Starscape (Crash Symbols)
Skin Prisoner – Separation (Soft Antagonism)
German Army – Already in Existence (Phormix)
Nick Stevens – Catching Falling Knives (GALTTA)
Midnight Minds – Angsty Bodies (Tone Deaf Tapes)
N. Hertzberg – Jazz Hands (Personal Archives)
Mustat Kalsarit – Yö (Cudighi Records)
Snitz – Tales of the Rat 1 (Strange Mono)
V/A – Another Minute C1 Compilation (Breathmint)