Tabs Out | Episode 188

Episode 188


We play Tape Label or Weed Strain: Dungeon Synth Edition with Nicholas from Weregnome Records. Plus tapes!

Sombre Arcane – Realmsong (Lamp & Dagger)
Eugene The Oceanographer- The Maze (Biloxata)
Alehoof – s/t (self released)
Deerhoof – Miracle-Level (Joyful Noise Recordings)
Swamp-Ass – Disasterpiece (WereGnome)
Potpourri Chartreuse Roulette – recycled tape (self released)
Therapissed. – s/t (Apartment 421 Tapes)
Erythrite Throne – split w/ Seregost (Obsidian Relic)
Bad Trips – From Beyond (Solid Melts)
Cheree – Factory (Cherub Dream Records)