Tabs Out | Episode 189

Episode 189


We test Liz and Dwight from Crash Symbols knowledge of their own label and maybe play a few tapes.

Kouns & Weaver – Children of Cimmeria (Unifactor)
Mid Air! – Fucked Up Fish (100% Bootleg Cassette Tape Company)
Acid Mothers Temple – split w/ ST 37 (Blue Circle/Sounds From The Pocket)
Charles Barabé – split w/ Ratkiller (Crash Symbols)
Luurel Varas – Riddles For A Machine (Crash Symbols)
Pumpkin Witch – The Return of the Pumpkin Witch (Deathbomb Arc)
Another Dark December – Anthropocene​’​s Apocalypse and Other Various Anxieties (Histamine Tapes)
Alex Jacobsen – Apartment 2021 / Commutes 2022 (Tymbal Tapes)
Wide Color – s/t (Oxtail Recordings)
Mallwalker – Danger (Tetryon Tapes)