V/A – Thunk Gunk Compilation

7.20.23 by Matty McPherson

D.I.H.D. is more a distro/personal imprint than a record label proper. Human Adult Band, a recent Already Dead alum, runs the joint and keeps things focused on a consistent barrage of their own projects (their website was last updated a month ago with new release for both the Finnish html site + email-based HYSTERtapes & mailordrdr + Already Dead). Although the 2 decade long project abides by one particular mission: a yearly “Gunk Music” compilation. ‘Thunk Gunk’ was the 7th year’s edition that arrived on the deck and has recently seen a long awaited panning out. The compilation’s rules are simple: a smattering of the artists Human Adult Band has been in contact with in the last year. It runs about 50% entirely fresh names with barren discogs pages amongst massive catalog and decade spanning noise mavericks n’ sound practitioners. A heady compilation that connects to several other ends outside just the walls of a bandcamp roundup.

Things start with Philadelphia-based Jesse Sinclair Dewlow’s long running lo-fi project, People Skills. A refined rocker for the compilation that reels you in. And by track two, Reynols, the Argentinian experimental band (lone international act) with recordings that date back to 1993, has arrived with a Here, they show up with a feedback bounce house of blasting riffs and vocal mantras. Carbon Records boss + noise maverick, Joe+N shows up with a harmonic mending of guitar orchestral epiphanies and basement fuzz; it’s an absolute treat for fans of the easy magic of a “slowcored n’ post-rock’d” crescendo that shows off the possibility when kept short and sweet.

Yet after these almost household names, Thunk Gunk pivots into the newbie undercard! Half a House, is a free folk artist within the New Jersey area with performances that date back to 2015. The moniker basically untraceable. Rooftop Gardens’ make their debut appearance with a title track comprised of a drum machine droney motorik beat, and guitar that wobbles like a blue warhead in yr mouth. Alice Fawn follows with two dimly lit folk sketches. The second, May it Come True, an especially tender cut based around her dazzling voice that suddenly just ends. Siesta Rates’ Kubrick Stare seems like it was meant it for Julia’s War.

Meanwhile, Human Adult Band’s Th’ Spot (Long Branch 2019) is washed out lazer noise n’ guitar wails. Max Nordle, Paisley Shirt alum, takes to the K records-damaged-cut slot of the tape, pulling beatnik poetry under a rattling noir boondocks the best a one man show can muster. While Joe(amazing) isn’t a household name, his work with the Brown Christmas for their 2016 Orb Tape sure is with Tabs Out audiences! And as the detente, he literally dazzles, seriously his synth line rides with the force of a green laser pen. All is to say…a good Thunk Gunk

Tape available at Carbon Records or https://www.dihd.net/ (If you can get that later link to work!)