Tabs Out | Episode 190

Episode 190


Hole Dweller – Flies the Coop (Dungeon Deep)
Delaware Dan – No Problem 911 Clip Show (Apartment 421)
Night Sky Body – Soft Sculptures (Kimberly Dawn Recordings)
Hole Dweller – Flies the Coop II (Dungeon Deep)
Clang Quartet – A Slow Death For The Peacemaker (No Rent / Strange Mono)
The OT X-TET – The Bridge To Total Freedom (Home Assembly Music)
Hole Dweller – Jamwine’s Unfinished Tales (Dungeon Deep)
Decade In Exile – Transit Pulse (Crash Symbols)
Clan of the Cave Bear – Prove You’re Human (Mistake by the Lake)
Anteater – Flora & Fauna (self released)