Tabs Out | Episode 191

Episode 191


Sean Stellfox, who made the Cassette Culture in Central Java documentary, sits in for Joe B. Michael Potter (Null Zone, Garden Portal, …) stops by to talk about the job his mayor is doing. Plus a few tapes!

Id M Theft Able – A Fish Jumping (self released)
Ivan Cunningham’s Freedom Pie – One Eye Closed/One Leg Lifted (Bumpy)
Lorenz / Reis – Horizontal Hold (Bizzaro Warrior)
Averse Reaction – split with Stickboy (self released)
Angels – Voices from Heaven (Ongaku)
Traysh – Shady Favorites (Husky Pants)
Lucas Abela, Rully Shabara, Ramberto Agozalie – Gagu Improvisations 2010 (dualpLOVER)
Smokedog – Drinking Under The Table ( \\NULL|ZØNE//)
Michael Potter – Garden Portal Almanac (Already Dead)
WUUUN – Live 20190112 (self released)