Tabs Out | Manoir Molle – intéressant

Tabs Out | Manoir Molle – intéressant

11.29.23 by Jamie Orlando

[note: We let Jamie write this review because Jaime has not paid his dues to Tabs Out or Mike Haley, the Nicest Guy in Experimental Music. If you have any complaints, please direct them directly to Jaime so he understands how he can contribute more studiously.]

When I received a copy of the latest Manoir Molle tape, titled “intéressant”, I could just tell from the packaging that this was going to be something that was right up my alley.  My eye was immediately caught by the gorgeous post-modern surrealist artwork by Acacio Ortas. After a quick examination of the spine, I spotted a familiar logo. Cudighi Records! Game over. Cudighi Records, for those who don’t know, is a Los Angeles-based label that prides themselves on unearthing rare international psychedelia.

As I delved into the tape, the abstract, surreal, and zany qualities hinted at by the artwork came to life. The album opens up with a track called “Avenue” which features electronic clarinets and a MIDI snare drum. That’s the vibe you’re in for. At times very minimal and repetitive, yet with subtly changing undertones. It gives me warm and fuzzy feelings a bit reminiscent of luminaries such as Charles Barabé, Nikmis, or Larry Wish, albeit with a touch of restraint.

The album unfolds with “Histoire”, boasting cheesy electronic pan flutes and a fake sounding plucked guitar, while “Boigne” is a harpsichord-driven track with microtonal orchestration of french horns and flutes. “Autoroute” changes gears with pitch-shifting synths topped with sparse interjections of random harp notes. The album closes with “Nuit”, a suspenseful and synthy composition that leaves the listener in an intriguingly unresolved state.The almost 30 minutes of synthy orchestration by French artist Marion Molle brings me immense joy, and I wholeheartedly recommend treating yourself to a copy while supplies last.

Limited Edition Pro-Dubbed Cassette Now Available at Cudighi Records’ Bandcamp!