Tabs Out Cassette Podcast | Making Art With Keith Rankin

Making Art With Keith Rankin
2.3.14 by Mike Haley


If you listen to the podcast at all then you know we all swoon over Keith Rankin from Orange Milk Records artwork. His sci-fi futuristic scenes of floating orbs, gradient soaked grids, and mind-juicing, hallucinatory landscapes really scratch that itch on my brain. Often difficult to tell apart from cartridges of Atari games or covers of Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Keith has created artwork for dozens of Jcards. Now, like a modern day Bob Ross, he’s showing off the goods in a project called Making Art With Keith Rankin. Episode 1, of what I assume will be a series of YouTube videos, is a layer-by-layer demonstration for the creation of the EQ Why “Chitokyo Miktape” Jcard.

For some reason there is no rambling commentary, poor editing choices, or Red Hot Chili Peppers music over top the video, making this unlike any other YouTube tutorial I have ever seen before. I assume Keith will remedy all of that in Episode 2. There’s also no comments (yet) calling anyone Hitler or saying “THIS VIDEO SUCKS!!! FAIL!!!”. So confusing.

Watch the video below and buy the EQ Why cassette here.