Tabs Out Cassette Podcast | Check Out Junior Pande’s Red Tape

Check Out Junior Pande’s Red Tape
2.5.14 by Mike Haley


The Red Tape is Junior Pande’s fourth cassette on Spring Break Tape in as many years. Junior Pande is the project of Justin Peroff, who Wikipedia says is best known as the drummer for the Toronto based indie rock collective Broken Social Scene, but I never actually heard that band, and I have heard Junior Pande, so this is what I know him best for. Don’t worry, I’ll update the Wiki article later. {{Citation needed}}


The Red tape is 20 minutes of beat & sample based music dabbling in experimental hip hop and footwork with moments of serene chillness. Each tape is packaged in a cardboard Ocard with original, unique photographs attached to each side and includes a zine with some of Peroff’s photography work. It’s limited to 50 copies and can be gripped up through Spring Break’s Bandcamp (linked in the player below).