Tabs Out Cassette Podcast | This Tape Is Rotten

This Tape Is Rotten
2.6.14 by Mike Haley


Mr. Greg Gorlen, who runs the San Francisco based Turmeric Magnitudes imprint and shares his thoughts on cassette tapes over at his Demagnetization blog, has released a dizzying amount of material on cassette tape under multiple monikers. Someone will have to Snopes this for me, but Vibrating Garbage, Black Thread, Spitting Falcons, Dark Spring, Mannequin Assembly Co., Birds You Once Knew, Wires & Relays, Crosshatch Tape, and Greg Garbage are some, but not all, of the names in his noise-alias stable. Let me just punch the numbers into a calculator real quick to figure out exactly how many solo releases he has out… Okay, a shitload. It’s a shitload. But today’s release from Double G, “Rotten Tape”, is the first under his actual name.

“Rotten Tape” is a C20 of sloshing tape loops made from some of his previously released work as Vibrating Garbage and Crosshatch Tape, and source material for a collaboration with TVE. Fleshy, sluggish patterns of sound that squirm and drip, sometimes cruising into each other. Keeping with Turmeric Magnitude aesthetics the cover is a black & white closeup texture and the shell sticker is simple black text. It’s available to stream or buy for $5 from the TM Bandcamp. If you aren’t familiar with Turmeric Magnitudes deep catalog, do some digging around while you are there. It will be worth your time.

Greg Gorlen will be hitting the road come March playing a live version of this material across the United States of America. Follow him on Twitter to keep up to date on that shit.