Tabs Out Cassette Podcast | Anthony Janas’ Funny & Pretty Modular Musings

Anthony Janas’ Funny & Pretty Modular Musings
2.11.14 by Mike Haley


Everyone’s been talking about how chill the current Pope is. I think  mainly because the bar has been set so fucking low that if the dude doesn’t drive around, bumping into homosexuals in his bullet proof car, then people are like “Oh, wow! This one is super progressive, right guys?”. If you ask me, and I know you didn’t, but if you did I would say to forget about Vatican City and look about 7,000 miles west to Chicago, IL for the real deal. There you will find Catholic Tapes, a much doper place to offer your faith up. Brett Nauke has been running the label for about seven years now, baking up some heavy duty jams for the world. Things have been quiet lately, but today the white smoke billowed out of CT HQ signaling that new releases were now available.

One of those releases is an insanely delicious six-track cassette from Chicago-based sound artist Anthony Janas. The tape, titled “Funny & Pretty” is just over a half hour of carbonated modular synth structures mingling with clouds of atmospheric and quirky realness. Far from noodling, Janas navigates his way through some Mort Garson inspired space-pop arrangements that are sweetly thought out and executed. Catholic Tapes lays out that Janas busts “An extremely refreshing and new take on modular synthesis and electronic composition for 2014. One of the most exciting people in Chicago’s vast electronic scene and truly unlike anyone else in the game” and that ain’t just a bowl of hyperbole. You can figure that out by streaming the tape below.

When you are done, head over the Catholic Tapes shoppe and BUY THIS sucker before the well runs dry. A new 7″ from Brett Naucke is also available.