Tabs Out Cassette Podcast | C For Comfort: An “I Dream Of Wires” Addendum

C For Comfort: An “I Dream Of Wires” Addendum
2.12.14 by Ian Franklin


Those not already consumed by the ever growing presence and resurgence of modular synthesizers of the past 7 or 8 years may have yet to come across the I Dream Of Wires mega-documentary released this past year. Encompassing an enormous scope (over 4 hours!) of interviews, visual eye-candy, and comprehensive information about the instrument, it’s enough to make any gear head and electronic music fan spiral out into a dizzying comatose of drool and lust. Endless gear shots accompanied by a steady stream of curated modular synth tracks from producer and co-writer Solvent (Jason Amm) brings the viewer on a long distance brain burner, simultaneously leaving you physically drained and yet still hungry for more.

To satisfy some of that insatiable hunger, Solvent (a Ghostly International recording artist and accomplished musician) has released “C for Comfort”, a cassette release on Suction Records comprised of a select grouping of tracks from the documentary made entirely with modular synths. In an edition of 150 copies, C for Comfort is set as an addendum to Solvent’s sixth studio album “New Ways: music from the documentary I Dream of Wires” released in conjunction with the documentary and available on 2×12” LP + 7” and CD, rounding out Solvent’s seemingly modular approach to media consumption and adherence to format equality. (What, no LaserDisc? pssh.)

Stream clips from C for Comfort below (mouse over image) and grip a copy from and grab a copy of the IDOW documentary while you’re there. But readers beware, these luscious sounds can leave you fiending like you’ve never felt before until you start looking around your house contemplating what you can sell to grab a Serge panel or fund that 9U which has somehow become essential. Do I really need this couch? What’s all this crap in the corner I never use? I could probably sell that. Somebody’ll buy that, right? Right?

Track Listing
a1. Small and Efficient
a2. Subharmonics
a3. Pattern Recognition (Minimal)
b1. Clustering
b2. Corg
b3. Old Flame (*Cassette Exclusive*)