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Do The Rite Thing
2.24.14 by John Pyle


You’re too late.

Compulsion Rites is already sold out of the new batch (the first since relocating from Cleveland to Milwaukee), and you missed it. Too bad, friendo! Maybe next time you’ll pay a little bit more attention so that you won’t miss out on releases from artists like Developer, Sunken Cheek, Plague Mother, Constrain, Breaking the Will and Pleasure Island (so dreamy).

C’mon, look at what you missed (descriptions are taken directly from the label’s website):


Sunken Cheek / Plague Mother split c30 (CR021)
Two sides of claustrophobic atmospheres and heavy electronics. Sunken Cheek might be the most underrated project in the entire country, as “East East Hill” leaves no dispute as to his flawless execution of tension and catharsis. Plague Mother explores the uncomfortable realm of fever dream states with uncomfortable space and decaying static. Together, this split is a soundtrack to a death Midwestern. Edition of 50.

Developer c30 (CR022)
Matthew Reis is an innovator with cut-throat precision, and he holds court on side A with almost schizoid intensity, an array of harsh textures zipping across at breakneck speeds, while side B explores a more subtle approach to “harsh musique concrete” with meditative results. Edition of 50.

Constrain “Default Trade” 2xC10 (CR023)
Thematically building upon his 2013 tape “Travail” (note: track this down if you can, one of the best tapes of last year!) regarding the disgust of daily life and routine, the Los Angeles based Heavy Psych label boss Kevin McEleney (also of Droughter, Life Trap zine) serves up 4 sides of pure harsh noise in frantic cut-up bursts with “Default Trade”. . This double cassette release is house in a 5” reel box and includes 4 double-sided inserts. All artwork done by Kevin, who is one of my personal favorites amongst contemporary xerox manipulators. Edition of 25.

Pleasure Island “Chorny Kot” c10 (CR024)
Reflecting upon historical struggle in a former Soviet state that has seen no end to its woes, Pleasure Island uses brooding synths, screeching feedback, and buried vocals to recall tragedy after tragedy over decades of loss and desperation. Archival obsessiveness from this rising star in the American power electronics scene.

Breaking The Will “Active Nihilism” c10 (CR025)
The soundtrack to complete breakdown of social order, chaos bouncing between channels with insurrectionary spirit. Stefan Aune wields harsh noise like a seasoned guerrilla with an molotov: scrap metal abuse, static, hiss and buzz, low end rumbling… all are tools at his disposal in this pipe bomb of a recording. Edition of 50.

See? Lucky for you, these will so be available from the following fine distros:

The Tide Of The End
Analog Worship
Unseen Force
Skeleton Dust

Really, though, and in all seriousness: this batch is amazing. Do yourself a favor and grip them while you can! Listen here: