Tabs Out Cassette Podcast | Remix A Log: Form A Log, Remixed

Remix A Log: Form A Log, Remixed
2.27.14 by Mike Haley


If I can be real for a second, I didn’t even get the chance to clean the Frito-Lay® Flamin’ Hot Cheetos dust off of my digits before typing this up. Now my laptop is a very unnatural shade of orange, but totally worth it considering the importance of this cassette on weirdo culture. Here’s the deal:

Top level tape goofers Form A Log, the trio of Ren Schofield (Container/God Willing), Noah Anthony (Profligate/Social Junk), and Rick Weaver (Dinner Music/Human Host), released their debut LP on Decoherence Records a few months back. It’s an eleven track masterpiece called The Two Benji’s that will make you feel funny. Now they’re giving ya an opportunity to feel even funnier with the cassette release Two Benji’s Remixed on Refulgent Sepulchre. Fourteen revamps of the Decoherence LP tracks on a pro dubbed C62. It goes down like this:

Chain Valet (Quicksails Mix)
Landline (LACK Mix)
Sushi Night Club (Sam’s Hand Roll – Samantha Vacation Mix)
Gentle Leader (Homeworld Mix)
Tape it to the Dog (Khaki Blazer Mix)
The Two Benji’s (Ironing Mix)

Hypermodern (Internet Radio Edit – Newton Mix)
Tape it to the Dog (All Tapes are Dogs – Puff Mutt Mix)
Jewel Case (Lord of the Toe Rings Mix)
Diamond Pressure (Probation Mix by Outmode)
Cop Knock (Diamond Pressure Remix)
Jewel Case (Stairwell – Unguent Mix)
The Two Benji’s (Indignant Senility Mix)
Country (Khaki Blazer Mix)

I gotta unbutton my top button just to get through that lineup. The RS site says that the tape will be available “SOON” (all caps) AND at a FAL gig back on the 22nd of February. So which is it?! WHICH IS IT!? At the moment of pounding these words on the neon orange keys of my HP you can’t order the tape yet. But keep checking the label’s site and see what happens.  It will be an edition of 100 sweet, sweet copies. In the meantime and in between time, here are two takes of the track Tape It To The Dog to keep ya calm. Samantha Vacation’s (AKA: Daryl Seaver) jittery rework and Puff Mutt (AKA: Val Martino) steaming up the windows. Dig in: