Tabs Out Cassette Podcast | Preorder Obsolete Unit’s First Offerings Of 2014

Preorder Obsolete Unit’s First Offerings Of 2014
3.5.14 by Mike Haley


So most of the emails I get are about P1lls to Enlerge my P3nis, which is cool. I’m totally cool with that. But today came an electronic correspondence of a different nature. It had nothing to do with enlerging my p3nis, though the subject line did feature words that I assumed were also misspelled. Yek Koo? Guzo? Zaïmph? Bro, can you even enlerge a zaïmph?!

The email was from Oakland’s Obsolete Units informing the world that it could pr3order their first tapes of 2014. Those tapes are as follows:

A collaboration C30 between Marcia Bassett and Helga Fassonaki’s projects Zaïmph & Yek Koo titled “L’interieur De La Vue” (Google Translate: Interior Of View).

Another collaboration between Smegma side orders The Tenses (Jackie Stewart & Ju Suk Reet Meate) and Guzo (Madelyn Villano). That one is a 48 minute rager called “Full-On Rager”.

And last but not least a C20 from Canadian mellow harsher K.M. Toepfer called “Instigate”. No samples for this tape are on the OU site, but you can check out KM’s Soundcloud for some jamage. When I played some my three year old threw up all over the place. Was it caused by Toepfer’s shrill, choppy noise blasts or the fact that Tabitha skipped lunch and chugged a hot chocolate? I’m just Dad Of The Year, not a fucking pediatrician, so I have no clue. Just check it out.

All tapes are $7.00 ppd (more if you live in a lesser nation than Jesus’ favorite USA) and ship March 11th. Get to work!