patient_thumb12.11.13: Puppy Pregnancy Syndrome Could Win Ya Some Tapes

Believing you conceived a puppy after being bitten by a sexually excited dog is one of the 4,398,518 ways you could get some free cassettes from Patient Sounds. [Check It Out]

sunshine_thumb12.9.13: Some Limited Sunshine Before Winter

Sunshine Ltd. is bringing some burners from Villages, Grant Evans, and Olli Aarni to warm things up a bit. [Check It Out]

37_thumb12.8.13: Episode #37

A brief chat about the #TripMetal scandal that rocked the nation, plus some tape jamage from Stare Case, dSCI, John Carpenter & Alan Howarth, Kevolych, Raising Holy Sparks, Decimus, William Clay Martin, Esther Chlorine, Trabajo, ???, Brian Green, Jason Zeh, Stag Hare, Horselover Fats, and Givan Lötz. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

rano12.6.13: MICROFL▼RSCNCE Brings Upside Triangle, ALL CAPS, Deep Zones to Rano

MICROFL▼RSCNCE’s upcoming C32 is up for preorder. Listen to it now, then do what’s right. [Check It Out]

whohasthumb412.4.13: Who Has Tapes Anymore? #4

In our final WWTA? of 2013 we dissect a dozen of our fav’s from the past few weeks. Includes noise for a dog, Snopes bait, and an otherworldly compilation. [Check It Out]