38_small1.5.14: Episode #38

First episode of 2014 and it’s definitely a weirdo. Jams from Cotton Candy, Righteous Acid, D/A/D, Siobhan, G Sweems, Fitzroy North, Spaghetti Blacc, Calypso Borealis, Collin McKelvey, Synek, Bobb Bruno, Pak, Marcus Rubio, Flamingo Creatures, and R. Stevie Moore.  [Play] [Download – right click/save]

xmasco12.29.13: Sample This Year’s Tusco Embassy Christmas Tape

Tusco Embassy wins the War On Christmas Comps again this year with a 30 track double cassette. We got a preview for ya. [Check It Out]

nl_thumb12.22.13: Noumenal Loom’s Winter Solstice Jams

Noumenal Loom conveniently releases a Winter Solstice batch on the Winter Solstice. [Check It Out]

MERZBOW PHOTO12.19.13: Photoshop Merzbow Contest

Masami Akita has been remastered, remixed, and collaborated with, but there has not been much demand to Photoshop him. We’re here to right that wrong. UPDATED WITH WINNER! [Check It Out]

alliance thumb12.16.13: Meet The Alliance

Nostilevo just released a compilation being sold exclusively through Vacation Vinyl.  [Check It Out]

GUEST_THUMB12.13.13: On The Guest List: Top Tens From Friends

Tired Of lists yet? Hope not!! Because we had some friends weigh in on the year in cassettes. [Check It Out]