37_thumb12.8.13: Episode #37

A brief chat about the #TripMetal scandal that rocked the nation, plus some tape jamage from Stare Case, dSCI, John Carpenter & Alan Howarth, Kevolych, Raising Holy Sparks, Decimus, William Clay Martin, Esther Chlorine, Trabajo, ???, Brian Green, Jason Zeh, Stag Hare, Horselover Fats, and Givan Lötz. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

rano12.6.13: MICROFL▼RSCNCE Brings Upside Triangle, ALL CAPS, Deep Zones to Rano

MICROFL▼RSCNCE’s upcoming C32 is up for preorder. Listen to it now, then do what’s right. [Check It Out]

whohasthumb412.4.13: Who Has Tapes Anymore? #4

In our final WWTA? of 2013 we dissect a dozen of our fav’s from the past few weeks. Includes noise for a dog, Snopes bait, and an otherworldly compilation. [Check It Out]

TOPthumb12.3.13: Top 200 Tapes Of 2013

There were loads of stellar cassette releases this year. And now that old lady time is putting the kibosh on 2013 we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 200. [Check It Out]

lacohu12.1.13: Preview The Upcoming La Cohu Batch

La Cohu is closing out the year with a killer batch. You’ll sample their six upcoming tapes if ya know what’s good for ya. [Check It Out]

bandcampthumb11.27.13: Tabs Out Bandcamp

We’ve created a Bandcamp site to download Tabs Out releases. Chrome donators will now get free downloads for all releases, past and present. High Bias donators will get free downloads for all releases that come out while they are signed up. The Afteroomed, Jump Rope, and Motion Sickness Of Time Travel tapes are up now. [Check It Out]

36_thumb11.24.13: Episode #36

We check in with Chris Jacques from Dub Ditch Picnic/Prairie Fire Tapes who’s in the hospital after a major car crash and play some cassettes from Oaken Tower, Kisses, Witchbeam, Selaroda, Lougow, Shooting Guns, Star Turbine, Loftmind, Katie Gately, Nigro, Yvette, Astral Social Club, and Ssleeperhold. There’s also some discussion about Weekend At Bernie’s III if anyone from Hollywood is listening. [Play] [Download – right click/save]

totm_thumb11.21.13: Tape Of The Month – November 2013

One half of Telecult Powers offers up a tool to smash your ego and get your head straight. And it’s November’s Tape Of The Month. [Check It Out]